Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Six Places

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! We had an event at our store, and I had to work yesterday, so mine was slightly less than relaxing.

Today's topic is places. Six places, to be exact.

1. Southwest Indiana, where I currently reside. The people here are among the best. I have a great set of friends, and my mother-in-law couldn't be more wonderful if she were my actual blood family. Alternately, this is a rather poor area, and very few people seem to care or take the time to make their property look nice. Even the town doesn't care to make sure that the lines in the street are visible, or the pot holes get filled. It's kind of sad.

2. Northeast Indiana, where I grew up, and my family still lives. Excellent people, also, though the small city where I grew up seems overly laden with hypocrisy and gossip. People take much better care of their property, and as a result, visiting is a breath of fresh air. I miss it in a lot of ways.

3. Paris, France. I spent 5 weeks in Paris when I was 21, studying with KIIS (Kentucky Institute for International Studies). While there I visited Cannes, Normandy, St. Malo, Chartres, Versailles, and several other places. I loved every minute of it, and I could talk about it all day. But I won't.

4. Denver, Colorado. My twin sister lives in suburb of Denver. I haven't gotten to visit her there yet, but I miss her every day.

5. Louisville, KY. I lived in Louisville for 5 years before I moved to where I am now. I miss a lot of things about it, primarily the variety of everything available withing a few miles. I never made any real friends there, though.

6. Las Vegas. One of the only places I've gone that wasn't for the purpose of visiting family. I went with my mom, younger sister, and grandparents. The trip is significant not because I love to gamble (I don't), or because Circ de Soleil is awesome (though it is), it is one of the last memories I have with my grandfather before he passed away. I miss you, Pappaw.

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