Monday, July 30, 2012

Catching Up

The last week has been a whirlwind!  I'm going to skip the "8 weeks" post, since 9 weeks will be here in 2 days.

Last Wednesday was my 12-month post-op follow-up.  My weight loss has slowed way down, but that'll happen.  Especially now.  My vitamin levels are all normal, my cholesterol levels are all normal, and my sugar and A1C levels are normal.  I have been pronounced in good health!  The doctor didn't even scold me for getting pregnant too soon, as I expected him to do.  He explained the removal of my Prilo.sec as a "better safe than sorry" scenario.  As I haven't had any problems with reflux in quite some time, and no ulcers, I am fine with that, for now.

I spoke with the nutritionist, who basically told me to keep doing what I've been doing, and honor my hunger.  Three meals and 3 to 4 snacks is what I've been doing thus far.  As I get in to the 2nd and 3rd trimester, I may have to make an effort to eat higher calorie foods, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

Friday was my first OB appointment.  They took (what seemed like) our entire life histories.  A cup of my urine, a pap smear, some poking and prodding, and 8 vials of my blood later, he said that everything looked good.  I asked for an ultrasound, which I was granted, but my doctor doesn't have his own machine, and the facility where he was to send me had already closed for the day.  I was scheduled for 8:15 Monday morning.  They gave me a bag of reading material freebies and sent me on my way.

I decided that the doctor's pronouncement that my uterus was growing appropriately was good enough at that moment, so I threw caution to the wind and went ahead and called my extended family.  I never thought I would want to tell people so soon, because I tend to be so paranoid, but hey, what the heck, right?

This morning, bright and early, accompanied by my husband and one of my close friends, we made the trek to the imaging place.  I was expecting a transvaginal scan, but instead had a standard.  All that really means is that the images weren't as clear, but we still saw our baby, and heard the most beautiful sound I have ever heard in my life:  A heart beating at 162 beats per minute.  I am over the moon!

S/he is measuring at 8w1d, instead of 8w5d, but I'm not overly concerned.  I have no idea when I ovulated, and the tech told me that, this early, calculating by the first day of the last period is more accurate, anyway.

For your viewing pleasure, a blob of fuzz!

Friday, July 20, 2012

7 Weeks

Thank you all so much for your advice on my last post.  I also discussed it with my therapist, who also advised me to go ahead and tell her.  So, I did, via text message.  I also gave her an "out" on the weekend visit.  She took it well, congratulated me, and agreed that it would probably be better for me to not travel any more than I already do on a daily basis.  I'm sure she's somewhat relieved, and I totally understand.

There has been way too much drama going on with my business/store lately, and I'm really over it.  I think the world knows that I am trying to minimize stress, so it's testing me.  I'm trying really hard to stay as un-involved as possible, but it gets hard when one of the parties has been a friend of my husband's for more than 20 years.  Ugh.  *deep breaths*

Here's comes the weekly stats, feel free to tune out.

* Belly - Still just weight-loss extra skin.

* Weight gain - I'm probably still losing, at this point.  I'll weigh-in next Wednesday.

* Symptoms - I am in the bathroom more than I am out of it, including 2 to 4 trips during the night.  I'm tired a lot, which could be a symptom in itself, or a result of getting up to go to the bathroom all night.  I'm also having some wonderful smell aversions, closely associated with nausea.  New this week - round ligament pain when I stretch/cough/sneeze.  I also had a lovely cramp in my calf over the weekend.

* Cravings/Aversions - I've been having a red/orange bell pepper snack on my way home from work, but the last couple of days, the thought of eating them has been super unappealing.  I also really want some french fries.

* Clothes - I don't think this will be a problem for some time, yet.

* Movement - Again, I've got some time before this one will have a response.

* Feelings on gender - I seriously have no preference whatsoever, though I caught myself thinking he/him the other day, and I'm not sure why.

* Meds - My bariatric nurse called me this week to take me off of the Prilosec that I've been on since surgery.  She also suggested one prenatal vitamin a day, and one regular multi-vitamin.  That way I won't get too much vitamin A.

* Mood - Movies and TV are making my cry a lot more, even when watching something I've already seen several times.  Attempting to remove as much stress as possible, which works some of the time.

* What I miss - Wine and caffeine.  And not getting up in the middle of the night to pee!

* Appointments - My first OB appointment is July 27th.  I called and asked about an ultrasound.  They don't normally do one on the first visit, but said that if I ask for one, they'll send me to get one.  Apparently there is not a machine in their office.

* Medical concerns - I really need to make sure I know how to get enough nutrition.

* Coming up - 12-month post-op appointment on the 25th!

Monday, July 16, 2012

How Do I Break the News to an Infertile Friend?

A month or so ago, I made plans to go visit a friend in her new city, about 4 hours away.  Her company closed down, but they offered her a position at another branch, so she took it.

She and her husband have been trying to get pregnant, unsuccessfully, for at least two years.  I made these plans before I found out I'm pregnant.  I haven't told her.  The weekend in question occurs right after my first OB appointment.  The way I see it, I have a couple of options:

1.  Go, hide the news, have a good time, and tell her later.  This will make me feel rather guilty, and may drive me batty coming off the heels of a hopefully exciting, heartbeat-hearing ultrasound.

2.  Tell her now (though via what means?  what do I say?), and let her decide if she's up for the visit.  This makes my heart hurt, but it's probably the most fair.

I am not sure what to do, and I am not sure what to say.  Does anyone have any insight or advice for me?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Six Weeks

Yesterday I went in for my fasting blood draw to check nutrient levels for my 12-month post-op.  They also had me do a pregnancy test while I was there, which was positive.  I received some minor scolding for not waiting longer, but it was followed by assurances that it happens sometimes, and everything would be just fine.

I know that, to a lot of people, these types of posts are obnoxious, and probably seem way too optimistic.  But, for the sake of posterity, and forced determination to enjoy this while I can, I'm going to do the "week by week" thing.  If you're upset or irritated by these, I will understand if you skip these.

* Belly - I already looked pregnant because of the extra skin that I'm carrying around on my torso.  So, no changes there.

* Weight gain - I'm probably still losing, at this point.

* Symptoms - I am in the bathroom more than I am out of it, including 2 to 4 trips during the night.  I'm tired a lot, which could be a symptom in itself, or a result of getting up to go to the bathroom all night.  I'm also having some wonderful smell aversions, closely associated with nausea.

* Cravings/Aversions - I haven't noticed any, just drinking lots and lots of water.

* Clothes - I don't think this will be a problem for some time, yet.

* Movement - Again, I've got some time before this one will have a response.

* Feelings on gender - I seriously have no preference whatsoever.  Everyone around me seems to be having girls, but I don't think that means anything.

* Meds - I briefly ran over my meds list with the nurse when I called to make my OB appt.  She said everything should be ok for now.

* Mood - My moments of irrationality have definitely increased.  I can also cry at the drop of a hat, though usually over happy things.

* What I miss - Wine and caffeine.  I decided to go cold turkey on the caffeine.  The withdrawal headaches only lasted for a couple of days, and it wasn't too bad.

* Appointments - My first OB appointment is July 27th.  At first I assumed that there would be an ultrasound, but I need to call and ask, and insist if necessary.  I will not feel better until I hear a heartbeat.  Of course, then I won't feel better until I hear it again, etc, etc.

* Medical concerns - I really need to make sure I know how to get enough nutrition.

* Coming up - I've got a counseling appointment on Monday evening, which should be interesting.  The primary reason I was going was to help me deal with the transition from surgery recovery and weight loss to TTC again.  I guess I really blew that.  I think I still need someone understanding to talk to.

My 12-month post-op check-up is July 25th.  I am sure there will be more scolding from the doctor, but I will also get a chance to sit down with the nutritionist and iron out a diet/eating plan.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Because I was sure that the first test had to be faulty, we bought another box, and I tested again this morning.


I'm going to do some bullet points again, because that's all that I'm able to do at this point.  Please forgive me for having no organization.

*  I am terrified.  I am excited.  Both very intensely.

*  I am constantly keeping in the back of my head the knowledge that it is still very early, and lots of things can still happen.  Regardless, the fact that this is even possible is a relief to me, and I want to try to enjoy it.

*  According to the interwebs and my last cycle day 1, I'm just over 5 weeks pregnant

*  My first OB appointment and ultrasound are scheduled for July 27th.  Three weeks from today.  I talked to the nurse, and let her know of my situation with being almost 12 months post-op, and ran through the list of meds that I'm on.  She said I should be fine, and 8 weeks is still fine to be seen, rather than sooner.

*  I seriously thought I had NO CHANCE of getting pregnant right away after going off of the pill

*  I only planned to tell my mother, mother in-law, and my sisters.  My mother agreed that it was a good idea, but then halfway through dinner with my grandma, she reportedly put down her utensils, exclaimed "I just can't do it!", dialed my number, and asked me to go ahead and tell her.  This is going to end up as one of my favorite stories.  She is so excited, and I just love it.  I also let her call my aunt and tell her, since it was inevitable that she find out, since my grandma now knows.

*  On that note, I am the first in my generation to be having a baby, on my mom's side of the family.  I'm practically the last on my dad's side, but I digress.  My sister informed me that I am going to have the most spoiled child on the planet.  Much like she and I were (we're twins).

*  I am terrified.  I may have mentioned that already.

*  I immediately stopped drinking caffeine and alcohol.  I am experiencing some caffeine withdrawal today.  It kind of sucks.  Other than what I think it slightly increased fatigue, I have no other symptoms to speak of.

*  I am scheduled for my 12-month fasting bloodwork on Monday.  I called and let them know that I got a positive pregnancy test, just in case it made any difference, and as an FYI.  I also asked if I could talk to the nutritionist while I was there, which I will.

That's all I've got for now.  Wow.  I still cannot believe this is happening!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

In A State of Disbelief

I'm just going to leave this here.

If you happen to know me in real life, please keep this to yourself until I have had a chance to process it all!