Thursday, May 26, 2011

Eight Fears

I'm not going to keep reposting the graphic, you all have the idea by now :-)

Today is 8 fears.

1. I'll go through all of this with the surgery, and find out I have other (currently unknown) things preventing me from conceiving.

2. Something will go wrong with the surgery.

3. Money/financial issues. Constantly.

4. My digital picture frame has a picture of Zeus the day I got him, and today I realized the he has a lot more white in his coat than he did 4 years ago when I got him. I'm scared to death that he's older than the rescue estimated, and that I might lose him sooner rather than later.

5. I worry about my job stability. I work in a field that likely won't exist in 10 years. Maybe less.

6. IF I DO get pregnant someday, I'll spend the entire time paranoid.

7. Bats. I hate them.

8. Money issues/financial. It's worth mentioning twice.

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