Monday, March 3, 2014


My body didn't want to wait until morning.  

I started having contractions on Sunday at about 3 pm.  They came every 2 to 5 minutes, for the rest of the day.  At 11:30 pm, my water broke.  About 45 minutes later, I started gushing blood.  JP drove me to the ER, arriving at about 1am.  Once registered, I was fairly quickly hooked up to an IV, had blood taken for testing, and given pain killers.

At 2 am, while the doctor was examining me, I passed (with assistance) my poor, so tiny baby, and other tissue.

Now I lay here in the uncomfortable hospital bed, waiting for the bleeding to slow, so we can go home.  The ER doctor feels the D&C is no longer necessary.

This sucks so much.  I feel so very empty.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

No Words

On Monday (2/24), I started spotting/light bleeding.

On Friday (2/28), an ultrasound showed that our baby's heart stopped at about 11 weeks.

I go in for a D&C bright and early on Monday morning.

"Devastated" doesn't quite cover how we're feeling.