Sunday, February 27, 2011

10 Reasons Why I Am Commited to Reach My Goal Weight

So, I'm a year older. My birthday was yesterday. I've had to work all weekend, so it has been less than amazing.

I also had a job interview on Thursday. I would really like to get the job, as its 6 blocks from my house rather than 53 miles, and will probably pay a whole lot better. It would mean that I would have to put my surgery on hold for a while, though.

I've been working on my "homework" for my next appointment at the weight-loss center. One of which is "10 reasons why I am committed to reach my goal weight". Here's what I came up with:

1. Have a baby
2. Have more sex
3. Go shopping, pain-free
4. Buy clothes in a store, instead of online
5. Be able to go running or hiking
6. Be able to play with my kid(s) someday
7. Be able to play with my grandkid(s) someday
8. Be more comfortable sleeping
9. Ride rollercoasters again

They advise making a small copy of the list and carrying it around for whenever you're tempted by an unhealthy decision. I'll probably just put it on my Android!

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