Tuesday, March 1, 2011


One of my assignments that the social workers gave me was to do a Genogram. Basically, a family tree that lists the genetic diseases or issues that my family members have had, going back to my great grandparents.

I've been putting this one off. I'm not really sure why. It might be because I don't like being reminded how far away I live from my family. It might be because it reminds me how distant most of my paternal side is, in the non-geographical meaning. It might be because I feel guilty that I don't remember all of the first names of my great-grandparents. It might just be because I have no artistic ability, and they want it to be big and colorful. It might be because I don't want to have to call my father, who didn't call me on my birthday, and still hasn't called in the following 3 days. Maybe it's all of these reasons.

I made out a rough draft, and now I feel sad.

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