Wednesday, February 23, 2011

At my 2/14 appointment at the Bariatric Center, they sent me home with a small stack of homework. The Social Worker briefly explained it, but I didn't look at it more closely until yesterday. They are as follow:

1. A Genogram ( I'm somewhat excited about doing this, though I'm not sure where to start. They want it the size of at least 2 regular sheets of paper taped together. I have zero drawing/art skills. I don't have to work tomorrow or Friday, so I'll sit down and take a crack at it.

2. A food diary, and a page of questions about how I plan to change my unhealthy habits. I've been keeping my food diary via an app on my Android phone. I've been finding it rather fun and informational. I also find that I avoid anything that I don't want to have to look up and find out how many calories it has to add to my diary.

3. A self evaluation about how my eating habits and weight have affecting my relationships with family, friends, work, activities, etc. There is a part of me that is afraid to do this. It will likely be a real eye-opener.

4. 10 reasons why I am committed to reach my Goal Weight. Peice of cake. When I finish this one, I will likely post my responses.

On another note, I think I'm ready to start some kind of exercise routine, but I'm not sure what will work best for my busy schedule. I'd like to be able to walk with JP, but the weather is going to be an issue for a few weeks. I'll have to brainstorm.

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