Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Appointment #2: Lab work

For anyone that has any kind of a lengthy commute, I would like to high recommend audio books. Since I started my job at the end of April, I've listened to 15 or so novels. It makes my drive seem to go by faster, and I find that I even look forward to it at the end of my work day.

I got to the Bariatric Center about 15 minutes early this morning, before they opened. I had Neil Gaiman's America Gods to keep me company. Great book, in case you were wondering.

I met the nurse for the first time. She was very nice and sweet. She explained everything she was doing before she did it. First she drew 11 vials of blood. That's not a typo, she took ELEVEN vials of my blood. Needless to say, it got very difficult about halfway through, and my arm is very sore. She mentioned what some of them were for, but I can't remember anymore.

Next I climbed on to the scales, where I was pleased to find out that I'd lost 4 lbs since Monday (I'll explain my self-imposed diet plan in another post). She took my measurements, and then took a "before" photo. Next I got to strip off my top and have an EKG, followed by a lung capacity test, and then the whole experience ended with a urine sample. I feel poked and prodded, but accomplished. At some point I have to find the time to go to the hospital and have a chest x-ray. Not sure when I'm going to do that.

My next appointment is March 2nd.

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