Monday, February 21, 2011

I'd mentioned that I was going to post about how I've been dropping the few pounds that I've lost, so here goes!

The overall focus is calorie counting, low fat, and low sugar. I downloaded a nifty android application, myfitnesspal, that allows me to search for foods, or add my own. I told how what I weight, my goal weight, and how quickly I want to lose it, and it sent me a calorie goal for each day. It's a food diary that tracks calories. I find it very helpful!

Here is my typical day:

Breakfast is usually one the go, as I have a 53 mile drive to work. I stop at Subway and get a Western on an English muffin, with no cheese or sauce. It's a wheat muffin, white egg, onions, and green peppers. I add spinach to it to get a few more nutrients, and because I like spinach. It's 155 calories. I also grab one of their things of sliced apples (35 calories), for in case I get nibble further along on my trip.

For lunch I'll have a salad or a mix of raw veggies with 2 tablespoons of lite dressing (it is important to check the sugar content on anything "lite", they often make up for less fat by adding sugar). I'll also have 4 oz of either chicken breast or turkey deli meat in a wheat pita, or sometimes I'll throw it all in the salad. To add some dairy, I'll have either a low carb yogurt or a low-fat string cheese.

Dinner has been very similar, though we've been experimenting with different types of fish and pork loin. One of my favorite meals so far was a seasoned 4 oz. Ahi tuna steak that I seasoned and baked in a foil packed in the oven, along with bite-sized pieces of onion, red bell pepper, and yellow bell pepper. I also boiled some brown rice spaghetti noodles and seasoned them with a tiny bit of margarine, garlic, a tiny bit of Parmesan cheese, and a spice mix.

I generally have a mid-morning and a mid-afternoon snack that will consist of an apple, an orange, some pineapple, some carrots, or a red or yellow bell pepper.

I've been doing this for 8 days now, and I've lost 11 lbs! I just hope it keeps up. Soon I'll add some kind of exercise regime, but I don't want to try to start too many new routines at the same time, or I'll be setting myself up to fail.

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