Wednesday, December 5, 2012

One More Hurdle Crossed

I have survived the 2nd trimester, and graduated to the 3rd.  Today I am 27 weeks pregnant.

I just got back from the regular ol' endocrinologist, checking up on me with pregnancy + NCAH.  She is pleased with my progress, and my hormone levels from the once-every-three-weeks blood draws.  However, it seems that my baby girl still has some chance of having a mild form of CAH (as I do), even though JP is not a carrier.  As such, she again increased my dose of hydrocortisone, just in case.  This is proving to be a headache with my insurance and the pharmacy, as they can't seem to get the memo that my dosage has been increased.  They keep denying it and/or trying to make me pay full price for requesting the refill too early.  I've got another message in to the pharmacist, asking what I need to do to get this ironed out.

Work is proving to be really stressful this time of year.  Thanksgiving is the biggest day of the year, as far as advertising and newspaper delivery, which trickles down to my job in the form of the paper carrier and single-copy store bills that I process and produce several times a month.  We've been in this "new" software since April, and they've had all those months to NOT BE SURPRISED by Thanksgiving, and prepare for this crap... but they saved it for the last minute, and it's completely messed up.  I am about ready to pull my hair out, but am doing my best to not get overly stressed.

Thank you for letting me rant!  I thought I had been doing better with the hormonal emotional roller coaster, but I have been ALL OVER the place today.


  1. My advice: have your doctor write on the prescription "dose increase" and maybe also "change in therapy." Especially if it's sent electronically, when it gets to the pharmacy, it's often a mystery if it's accurate. If your doc puts right after the new script "note dose increase" then it's clear to everyone what's up and it should (maybe) take less time. You can also turn up at the pharmacy and ask to talk to the pharmacist, explain that you've got CAH and are pregnant so your dose is likely to change a lot until March, and the changes are accurate. Hopefully that smooths things out. Glad everything is going well! YAY!

    1. Thank you for the advice! I went in there and talked to the pharmacist, and she got it straightened out within minutes! Every small relief helps!

  2. Being all over the place is allowed. :)

    Congrats on reaching the third trimester!

  3. Thanks for commenting on my blog! I just read through your blog and its great. Congrats on your weight loss and pregnancy! Added you to my blogroll :)