Wednesday, December 19, 2012

MFM Update, 29 Weeks

My MFM appointment went pretty uneventful.  I went over my blood sugars with one of the nurses, who advised me to add some protein to my bedtime snack if I'm having something sweet, to see if that will make a difference in my fasting levels.  We're going to go over them again after another week, before deciding to add any medications.  My blood pressure remains good/low.  My weight is up about 22 lbs.  I don't know if I can blame the high hydroc.ortisone dose on this, partially, or not.

I was not expecting the biophysical scan/ultrasound.  She was looking for specific things, which she explained to me as she went.  Breathing movements, fingers/toes movement, a few views of the heart, kidneys, brain, and pulse rates from her cord.  She kept kicking in the middle of the pulse recordings, which meant they had to start all over several times.  I don't ever get tired of that sound, so I didn't mind.  Everything seemed to look good.  They didn't check growth, cervix, or placenta, which is what I'm used to.  We'll do all that next week.  I was completely depressed to be there by myself for all of it.

I'm so tired of being worried.  I am comforted by every big and tiny movement that I feel inside of me.  I feel like her turns and somersaults are a lot more noticeable, and even slightly uncomfortable the last several days, which I feel like HAS to mean that she's growing.

I feel like I had a few weeks of reprieve from crazy-making hormone levels, but now they're back in full force.  After passing on to a friend that the scan was fine, but we didn't check growth or anything like that, he responded with "no news is good news".  I understand that it's well-meaning, but UGH!  For some reason it just really upset me.  There's no news on growth BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T CHECK IT.  If you're a good friend of mine, and you don't know what else to say, don't spout out some meaningless sentiment.  I may just start keeping updates for people that understand me and my state of mind.

I'm sorry this is so all over the place.  I've got the rest of this week, and then I'm taking off for my Mom's Saturday - Tuesday for Christmas.  I'm really looking forward to the time off/away, but not to the extra work I have to do to be able to not be here on Monday.  I don't have all of my shopping done, nor do I necessarily have the funds to finish.  I barely have anything wrapped, I have laundry I need to do.  I'd better stop thinking about all of it before I explode!

I'll be back in a couple of days with an ICLW post.  I'm looking forward to ICLW, I just hope I have time to participate as I should!

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  1. I'm sorry this is so hard. Keeping you two in my thoughts. I hope all the best for you all.