Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Holy Cow, the 2nd Trimester! (aka 13 weeks)

I have had a very busy several days.  My appointment with the endocrinologist last Wednesday was uneventful.  She explained the medicine change (from something that crosses the placenta to something that doesn't... makes sense), and the request for frequent blood draws, and that was about it.  Though, I did get a call from her office a few minutes ago.  The rest of my results came back from the last draw.  My levels are a little high, so they want me to increase my dose.

Last Friday was my first appointment with high risk.  JP and his mother were both able to come with me.  We were there for FOUR HOURS.  After the standard "pee in the cup", I went over my history and medications with the nurse practitioner.

Next came the NT scan/ultrasound, with an extremely quiet technician.  She barely said a peep to explain what she was doing.  She did, though, fairly quickly point out the beating heart, which immediately put me at ease.  My baby is starting to look like a little person, and not just a blob on the screen!

Next we waited for what seemed like ages to talk to the doctor, only to be greeted by his partner.  She was very nice and thorough.  We discussed my CAH (which I explain a little here), how it is very much the "non classic" form, and therefore very rare, and seems to rather stump people on what to do about it.  Amniocentesis was offered, as I'm already too far along for CVS.  In the end, we decided to have JP tested to see if he is a carrier, rather than jump to what I consider to be a somewhat scary option (the amnio).  We also talked about the surgery, my vitamin levels, etc.

We were ushered off to have blood collected.  Mine for whatever little-dots-of-blood-on-a-card test accompanies the NT scan, and JP for a vial of blood for the genetic stuff.  The geneticist came in to speak with us at this time.  My non-classic form of CAH apparently seems to stump her as well.  She contacted some expert at some university for consult on what is normally done for people like me during pregnancy.  Personally, I'm willing to trust my endocrinologist and here once-every-three-weeks blood draws to check my hormone levels.  I'm still anxious to find out the results, and whatever she finds out from this expert.

Monday I had an appointment with my regular OB.  The nurse was able to find the heartbeat on the doppler this time, rather easily.  Yay!  Once the doctor came in, all we did was discuss my appointment with high risk.  At least I'm getting my money's worth on my health insurance lately.  Yeesh.

And now for the weekly stats.  Feel free to skip!

* Belly - I'm definitely starting to pop out now, but it's still likely only visible to me.

* Weight gain - I've gained back the pound I lost, plus two more.  I'm not sure if I can attribute this to the pregnancy, the change in meds, or what.

* Symptoms - Occasional round ligament pain.  Very frequent trips to the potty, fatigue, heightened sense of smell, tender breasts, constipation, and oh the hormones and mood swings!  I don't think there was anything new this week.

* Cravings/Aversions -  I still have a terrible sweet tooth!

* Clothes - I have had to put away any of my pants that had been slightly snug before.

* Movement - I saw plenty of movement at my scan on Friday!  It was beautiful!

* Feelings on gender - I don't know anymore!  My anatomy scan is scheduled for October 8th!

* Meds - My hydr.ocor.tisone was increased from 20 mg to 30 mg, due to slightly high hormone levels.

* Mood - I feel like I'm turning in to a crazy woman!  My poor husband has the patience of the saint.

* What I miss - Sleeping through the night, caffeine, and wine.  But only a tiny bit!

* Appointments - I get a bit of a reprieve.  I don't go back to the OB for 4 weeks, 6 weeks for high risk, and December for the endocrinologist.

* Medical concerns - Nutrition/calories, and possible passing on my CAH.

* Coming up - I want to get a jump on some home repairs while I still have the energy to do so!

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