Wednesday, September 5, 2012

14 Weeks

The end of the month has come again, which means a very busy time at work for me.  I am completely exhausted, so please forgive me for skipping right to the weekly stats.  Feel free to skip right on by!

* Belly - I'm glad I kept the last larger size of pants that I went through.  My normal pants are decidedly uncomfortable these days.  Still only noticeable to me, I'm sure.

* Weight gain - I haven't been weighed since last week, hopefully I'm back at a stand-still.

* Symptoms - Occasional round ligament pain.  Very frequent trips to the potty, fatigue, heightened sense of smell, tender breasts, constipation, and oh the hormones and mood swings!  I'm sure that work is the largest contributing factor, but I am even more exhausted the last couple of days than usual.

* Cravings/Aversions -  I still have a terrible sweet tooth!

* Clothes - I need to go shopping for some maternity pants really soon.

* Movement - I'm told there's a lot going on in there, but it will be a while yet before I feel it.

* Feelings on gender - I don't know anymore!  I had another dream about that dark-haired baby girl.

* Meds - Nothing new this week.  I go for my next blood draw on Monday to see if the latest increase is doing it's job.

* Mood - I feel like I'm turning in to a crazy woman!  I'm also starting to notice some of that prenesia... or am I?!?

* What I miss - Sleeping through the night.  It seems so cruel to have to get up to potty so much.

* Appointments - My next OB appointment isn't until 9/24.

* Medical concerns - Nutrition/calories, and possible passing on my CAH.

* Coming up - We started work on home renovations.  We're taking it slow, but there's still a lot to do!

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  1. Hee hee! You feel like you are turning into a crazy woman with your mood since being pregnant?? I feel like a crazy woman while going through IVF/FET! I can't imagine it getting any worse! ;)