Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Wedding, Fear, and Bullets

My brain is still a little jumbled, so I'm going to do bullet points today.

*  I had a terrible day yesterday.  I started spotting at about 11 am.  It wasn't bright red, and I wasn't cramping, so the the OB nurse told me not to worry unless either of those things changed.  I walked a lot over the weekend, and that was likely the cause.  It finally stopped around 4 pm or so.  I was completely terrified.  I still am.

*  The terror is compounded by the fact that the OB nurse could not find the heartbeat on the doppler at my appointment last Friday.  I know that 10 weeks is really early to hear it on one of those things, so I had been trying to not let it bother me.  Combined with yesteray, though...

*  I missed my 10 week post.  I will do my best to do 11 weeks, but I'm having a very busy week.

*  Speaking of busy week...  JP and I are heading to GenCon in Indianapolis tomorrow evening.  It's a 4-day gaming convention.  Think non-electronic, like our business.  It should be an awesome time, but I need to remember to take it easy, so I don't have a repeat of yesterday.

*  This last weekend we were also in Indianapolis for my cousin's wedding.  It was absolutely gorgeous.  We did a lot of walking downtown, and I went swimming in the hotel pool.  Lots of activity and excitement.  Too much, I guess.

*  I have a longtime, good friend that, despite being privy to my entire IF and RNY journey, heartaches, troubles, etc, is being remarkably insensitive and clueless.  I don't think he's doing it on purpose, but it's a presence in my life that I just do not need right now.  I feel forced to distance myself, though it pains me.

I hope everyone is well.  See you tomorrow for 11 weeks, hopefully spot-free.

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  1. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the spotting is gone for good! Take it easy, momma. :)