Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Six Weeks

Yesterday I went in for my fasting blood draw to check nutrient levels for my 12-month post-op.  They also had me do a pregnancy test while I was there, which was positive.  I received some minor scolding for not waiting longer, but it was followed by assurances that it happens sometimes, and everything would be just fine.

I know that, to a lot of people, these types of posts are obnoxious, and probably seem way too optimistic.  But, for the sake of posterity, and forced determination to enjoy this while I can, I'm going to do the "week by week" thing.  If you're upset or irritated by these, I will understand if you skip these.

* Belly - I already looked pregnant because of the extra skin that I'm carrying around on my torso.  So, no changes there.

* Weight gain - I'm probably still losing, at this point.

* Symptoms - I am in the bathroom more than I am out of it, including 2 to 4 trips during the night.  I'm tired a lot, which could be a symptom in itself, or a result of getting up to go to the bathroom all night.  I'm also having some wonderful smell aversions, closely associated with nausea.

* Cravings/Aversions - I haven't noticed any, just drinking lots and lots of water.

* Clothes - I don't think this will be a problem for some time, yet.

* Movement - Again, I've got some time before this one will have a response.

* Feelings on gender - I seriously have no preference whatsoever.  Everyone around me seems to be having girls, but I don't think that means anything.

* Meds - I briefly ran over my meds list with the nurse when I called to make my OB appt.  She said everything should be ok for now.

* Mood - My moments of irrationality have definitely increased.  I can also cry at the drop of a hat, though usually over happy things.

* What I miss - Wine and caffeine.  I decided to go cold turkey on the caffeine.  The withdrawal headaches only lasted for a couple of days, and it wasn't too bad.

* Appointments - My first OB appointment is July 27th.  At first I assumed that there would be an ultrasound, but I need to call and ask, and insist if necessary.  I will not feel better until I hear a heartbeat.  Of course, then I won't feel better until I hear it again, etc, etc.

* Medical concerns - I really need to make sure I know how to get enough nutrition.

* Coming up - I've got a counseling appointment on Monday evening, which should be interesting.  The primary reason I was going was to help me deal with the transition from surgery recovery and weight loss to TTC again.  I guess I really blew that.  I think I still need someone understanding to talk to.

My 12-month post-op check-up is July 25th.  I am sure there will be more scolding from the doctor, but I will also get a chance to sit down with the nutritionist and iron out a diet/eating plan.


  1. Again, congrats on the success. Please share, if you can what the nutritionist says. While I'm almost 2 years post op I am interested in what they recommend. I don't see my doc or the nutritionist until September and while I hope, fingers crossed, that I can be pg by then it would be great to get a leg up.