Friday, July 6, 2012

Because I was sure that the first test had to be faulty, we bought another box, and I tested again this morning.


I'm going to do some bullet points again, because that's all that I'm able to do at this point.  Please forgive me for having no organization.

*  I am terrified.  I am excited.  Both very intensely.

*  I am constantly keeping in the back of my head the knowledge that it is still very early, and lots of things can still happen.  Regardless, the fact that this is even possible is a relief to me, and I want to try to enjoy it.

*  According to the interwebs and my last cycle day 1, I'm just over 5 weeks pregnant

*  My first OB appointment and ultrasound are scheduled for July 27th.  Three weeks from today.  I talked to the nurse, and let her know of my situation with being almost 12 months post-op, and ran through the list of meds that I'm on.  She said I should be fine, and 8 weeks is still fine to be seen, rather than sooner.

*  I seriously thought I had NO CHANCE of getting pregnant right away after going off of the pill

*  I only planned to tell my mother, mother in-law, and my sisters.  My mother agreed that it was a good idea, but then halfway through dinner with my grandma, she reportedly put down her utensils, exclaimed "I just can't do it!", dialed my number, and asked me to go ahead and tell her.  This is going to end up as one of my favorite stories.  She is so excited, and I just love it.  I also let her call my aunt and tell her, since it was inevitable that she find out, since my grandma now knows.

*  On that note, I am the first in my generation to be having a baby, on my mom's side of the family.  I'm practically the last on my dad's side, but I digress.  My sister informed me that I am going to have the most spoiled child on the planet.  Much like she and I were (we're twins).

*  I am terrified.  I may have mentioned that already.

*  I immediately stopped drinking caffeine and alcohol.  I am experiencing some caffeine withdrawal today.  It kind of sucks.  Other than what I think it slightly increased fatigue, I have no other symptoms to speak of.

*  I am scheduled for my 12-month fasting bloodwork on Monday.  I called and let them know that I got a positive pregnancy test, just in case it made any difference, and as an FYI.  I also asked if I could talk to the nutritionist while I was there, which I will.

That's all I've got for now.  Wow.  I still cannot believe this is happening!

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