Friday, July 20, 2012

7 Weeks

Thank you all so much for your advice on my last post.  I also discussed it with my therapist, who also advised me to go ahead and tell her.  So, I did, via text message.  I also gave her an "out" on the weekend visit.  She took it well, congratulated me, and agreed that it would probably be better for me to not travel any more than I already do on a daily basis.  I'm sure she's somewhat relieved, and I totally understand.

There has been way too much drama going on with my business/store lately, and I'm really over it.  I think the world knows that I am trying to minimize stress, so it's testing me.  I'm trying really hard to stay as un-involved as possible, but it gets hard when one of the parties has been a friend of my husband's for more than 20 years.  Ugh.  *deep breaths*

Here's comes the weekly stats, feel free to tune out.

* Belly - Still just weight-loss extra skin.

* Weight gain - I'm probably still losing, at this point.  I'll weigh-in next Wednesday.

* Symptoms - I am in the bathroom more than I am out of it, including 2 to 4 trips during the night.  I'm tired a lot, which could be a symptom in itself, or a result of getting up to go to the bathroom all night.  I'm also having some wonderful smell aversions, closely associated with nausea.  New this week - round ligament pain when I stretch/cough/sneeze.  I also had a lovely cramp in my calf over the weekend.

* Cravings/Aversions - I've been having a red/orange bell pepper snack on my way home from work, but the last couple of days, the thought of eating them has been super unappealing.  I also really want some french fries.

* Clothes - I don't think this will be a problem for some time, yet.

* Movement - Again, I've got some time before this one will have a response.

* Feelings on gender - I seriously have no preference whatsoever, though I caught myself thinking he/him the other day, and I'm not sure why.

* Meds - My bariatric nurse called me this week to take me off of the Prilosec that I've been on since surgery.  She also suggested one prenatal vitamin a day, and one regular multi-vitamin.  That way I won't get too much vitamin A.

* Mood - Movies and TV are making my cry a lot more, even when watching something I've already seen several times.  Attempting to remove as much stress as possible, which works some of the time.

* What I miss - Wine and caffeine.  And not getting up in the middle of the night to pee!

* Appointments - My first OB appointment is July 27th.  I called and asked about an ultrasound.  They don't normally do one on the first visit, but said that if I ask for one, they'll send me to get one.  Apparently there is not a machine in their office.

* Medical concerns - I really need to make sure I know how to get enough nutrition.

* Coming up - 12-month post-op appointment on the 25th!


  1. Congratulations by the way!! Of course, I am not a doctor, but I'm surprised they took you off of Prilosec. I was on Nexium my entire pregnancy and couldn't have imagined being off of it. I have pretty bad acid reflux already, without having a baby pushing stuff around and whatever. Anyhow, you should ask why....and take your vitamins at night, before bed to keep you from getting sick. (my two cents)

    1. Thank you! I definitely plan to ask when I'm there on Wednesday. So far, I haven't had any problems, but I know it's early!