Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Behind Door Number One...

We're having a girl!  I was always going to be thrilled either way, as long as she's healthy!  Everything seems to look great so far.  They didn't get all of the images of her heart that they would have liked to, so I go back in 4 weeks for a repeat scan.

At first we didn't think we were going to get gender.  She was being very uncooperative and stayed curled up in a ball to one side.  After the tech (who was fantastic, especially compared to the one that did my NT scan) got a lot of the important organs and whatnot, we took a break to see if she'd scoot over and open up her legs.  And she did!

It's not ALL good news, though as behind door number two, is...

Placenta previa.  Sigh.  It's only partial, and the doctor said that 95% of the time the placenta will "move out of the way" as the baby and my uterus grow.  I hope he's right.  They're going to keep a close eye on it.  At least now I have an explanation for the spotting.

I was feeling so happy and good, despite the previa, until after I got to work today.  I took all of yesterday off, so I could spend the afternoon with my husband.  The other people in my department knew about this appointment, and the ultrasound.  The only time and of these jerks have spoken to me today, is to tell me about problems that popped up yesterday in my absence, and even THAT they did via email.  I spent half the morning in tears.  I emailed HR to find out what would happen to my maternity leave if I decided not to come back.  It's all FMLA and short-term disability, which I'm pretty sure I'm guaranteed no matter what (as we pay for it in our taxes), but I'm not sure what will happen to my health benefits.  Hopefully they'll get back to me soon.  I don't see what they could do about any of it if I just called and told them at the end of the 12 weeks that I'm not coming back...  I just don't think I can do that, though.

Thank you for putting up with my griping!

Edit:  I added the US photos to the "Our Little Gizmo" page at the top!


  1. Congrats on your little girl!

    Hopefully the previa will resolve itself and you can rest a bit easier.

  2. YAY!!! for TEAM PINK! And keeping fingers crossed the previa moves up!

  3. Sorry to hear about having placenta previa. I will keep you in my prayers that it will go away as your pregnancy progresses and that it won't cause you any more trouble. And yay for having a girl! Congratulations! :D