Thursday, March 14, 2013

Another Quick Update

Hello ladies. I am coming to you from my couch, with both a tiny girl and one of my dogs sleeping on me.

We are doing better. Betty is now refusing to breastfeed, as she's decided that she prefers the more instant gratification of a bottle. I'm still pumping about 8 times a day, but still not producing enough that I don't have to supplement with formula. I was super depressed about all of that for several days, but I'm starting to forgive myself, and feel better. Her thrush is almost completely gone, she's getting bigger by the day, and her gassiness is improving. She's such an amazingly good baby. She only cries when I don't get her bottle to her fast enough, during baths, and occasionally during a diaper change.

We made our first road trip yesterday, yo attend my 18 month post-op check up, and to show her off at my office. I was a nervous wreck worrying about remembering anything we may need, but it went just fine. She's an excellent traveler, which is great news, since we'll be making the five hour trip to my hometown in about two weeks.

Our next pediatrician visit and weight check is a week from today. In betting she'll be over 6 lbs. My girl is growing to quickly!


  1. What a little sweetie-pie. :)

    P.S. love the mobile!

  2. So cute! I promise you, formula isn't a big deal if you need it. You are amazing for pumping so much, and don't beat yourself up if you decide to let it go (when you're ready, obviously). This is me, being your cheerleader in a hard time. You're a great mom, no matter how that sweet Betty eats. We're also muddling through (presumably) thrush and it's making nursing wicked hard, so you could give it another try when it's all gone. Or not. Do what works for you and enjoy that baby.

  3. She is getting big! Take care of yourself in all of this.

  4. OH so tiny....takes me back to when Raegan was so little...yay for being a good for refusing to breastfeed...totally had that problem too....Picky little girls, :)

    Good luck on your upcoming road trip. We took Raegan to see my hubs's family about 5 hours away and she did awesome except for the last 15 min of the ride. She got hot and started screaming like someone was torturing her.

    Love the pics! What a little beauty!

  5. Ah she is adorable. Dont beat yourself up over the breastfeeding, as long as she is growing and healthy whether she is having breast milk/formula, it does not matter.

  6. So sweet! I get so excited when I get to see pictures! Thank you so much for sharing Betty with us. Glad she is growing and doing pretty good overall. Good luck and have fun on your visit home!