Friday, November 16, 2012

The Yucks

I have had a serious case of the yucks the last couple of days.  Severe and painful bloating, for 2 evenings, which migrated into nausea when it subsided.  Then yesterday I woke up with a sore throat and nasal drainage.  Luckily it hasn't gotten any worse today, and Sudafed is my new best friend.  JP has been a saint in taking care of me and running around and getting me food and medicine.

Wednesday marked 24 weeks.  Lots of movement from baby girl is still making me feel a little more confident every day.  I'm still scared shitless about her growth, though.  11 days until our next scan, and hopefully some better news.

Our trip out to Denver to see my sister was FANTASTIC.  I hated to come back!  We visited Colorado Springs for a day, and Garden of the Gods.  Wow!  We also made a trip to the Denver Zoo, Red Rocks Amphitheater and had several excellent meals.  I also spent plenty of time snuggling my sister's 10-week old puppy.  I'll leave you with a few pictures.

My twin sister and I at Garden of the Gods.  I believe this is one of the Balancing Rocks.

JP and I at the visitor's center of Garden of the Gods

Me and the aforementioned puppy!  I love this little guy.  He wouldn't stay put in my luggage, though.

And, lastly, the 24-week bump.  Looking slightly less disheveled than the last one I shared.


  1. How fun to get to spend time with your sister and new puppy! 24 week bump lookin' good!

  2. hi from ICLW...that puppy is too cute!!!