Friday, July 29, 2011

I Kind of Fail

So, for the first time since I started participating, I really failed at ICLW this month. I thought that, since I'd be recovering from surgery, I'd have plenty of time to browse blogs and comment. I promise to visit the blogs of those (very few) that commented.

In reality, I've been in more pain than I expected. I can't sit in one position for terribly long, so I haven't been on my computer as much as I thought. I also haven't been feeling much of a support system, outside of my husband and family, so in general I've kind of been avoiding people. Several of my so called "friends" haven't been hesitating to come to me with their own self-generated drama, without bothering to ask how I'm feeling. I only had six incisions and my digestive system rearranged, but please, feel free to unload your drama on me.

As a result, I've been seriously considering taking this big change as an opportunity to make some more big changes. I think I need to recognize relationships that stress me out more than they are beneficial to me. I need to recognize them, and then I need to start putting some distance between myself and those people. Life is too short to keep people close that take advantage, in one way or another.

There's a Phlebotomy class this fall that I want to take. It's two evenings a week (after work), for like three months. I know that a lot of people wouldn't be excited over the prospect of learning to stab people with needles and collect blood, but I've always have an interest in it. I'm hoping that it would lead to some lab work, which used to be what I really wanted to do with my life. I need to get away from a job that's an hour away. I'm tired of being away from home for nearly 12 hours a day. The class will temporarily increase that time, but I'm hoping that the end result will be worth it. There's an orientation in a few weeks, and I'm hoping to find out more about it, including what kind of job placement they might have.

As far as post-surgery news, I'm 9 days out, and still relatively sore. Most of my incisions are painless, but the one over my stomach has been a problem from the start. Owwie. My diet consists mostly of a scrambled egg mixed with a light spreadable cheese (I can finish about 2/3), or a combination of baby food vegetables, cottage cheese, and refried beans. As I need to get 60 grams of protein a day, I also throw in protein powder drinks. I've got a sample pack of Syntrax Nectar powders, and so far I've only liked about half of them. There's a pre-mixed and bottle brand that I like pretty well, Isopure. So far my biggest struggle has been getting 64 oz of fluid a day. I can't take a bigger drink than a sip, so it's really hard to get down as much as I need. There have been other struggles, but I'm not quite open enough to share them with the internet!

Monday is my first post-op appointment with my surgeon. I have a few things to cover with him, but I'm expecting it to go pretty well. I will update again afterward.

For those of you still actually paying attention, thank you!

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