Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Have you ever noticed?

Have you ever noticed that you don't realize how much relief something gives you, until that something is gone?

For a few weeks now, I've been having a kind of achey pain near my right hip joint. The last time I cycled, the nurse saw a small cyst on my right ovary, but wasn't concerned about it, and I'd forgotten all about it... until the last few weeks. I had convinced myself that it was probably just my imagination remembering that the cyst was there, and overreacting to the thought. I was mostly right.

I have carpal tunnel. Not severe, but bad enough that it effects my sleep. I wear wrist braces at night, and my GP had me taking Mob.ic, an arthritis medicine and NS.AID, to reduce inflammation. In preparation for surgery, my bariatric doctor wanted me to stop taking it. No big deal, as the wrist braces at night help way more than the medicine anyway.

Turns out that it was helping other body pain, as well. My neck pain is more frequent, and I considered that it might also be why I'm having some hip area pain.

I decided that it was better to be safe than sorry, and I called my RE's office to see if they could get me in for a chat and an US, to see if maybe that cyst had gotten out of control.

I went in today on my lunch break. The usual drill of stripping from the waist down and hopping up on the table and throwing that oh-so-attractive pink paper blanket on. I knew that my right ovary likes to hide. They've had trouble finding it in the past. Today was no exception. After extensive poking and prodding, internally AND externally, it was deemed that there are no cysts, but that doesn't mean that one hasn't recently burst. Dr. G thinks it is likely just skeletal/muscular.

If I wasn't sore this morning, I sure am sore now! Despite that, I was reminded why I love my RE and his nurses so much. They commented positively on my weight loss (36 lbs!), asked for updates on the surgery process, and made me promise to call with my surgery date when I know it so that they can pray for me that day. So sweet! They also gave me a pro.vera prescription to see if we can't have better luck jump-starting my period now that I've lost some weight. Dr. G even said that I was doing so well that they likely wouldn't need to wait the full 18 months after my surgery to start ttc again, that we could start in just 12 months. Woohoo!!

Tomorrow JP and I go for a behavioral class at the weight loss center and my 2nd to last visit with the bariatric doctor. Wish me luck!

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