Friday, August 15, 2014

13 Weeks

It's time to start writing more about this pregnancy.  I want this baby to have the same things to look back at as his/her sister.

I'm going to use the same set of bullets as I did with Betty.  If you're in a bad place, please feel free to skip this.

* Belly - I can tell I'm showing, but I doubt anyone else can.

* Weight gain - I haven't started keeping track yet.

* Symptoms - I.  Am.  EXHAUSTED.  Breasts are sore and I'm in the potty frequently.

* Cravings/Aversions -  I really want some Indian food!

* Clothes - I never stopped wearing maternity jeans after my miscarriage.  They're just so comfy!  All of my other pants and tops still fit.

* Movement - Sometimes I swear I feel flutters, but I know it's not possible just yet. 

* Feelings on gender - No idea!

* Meds - I've been to my new allergist, who switched me to meds safer for pregnancy.  I see my endocrinologist on Wednesday.

* Mood - I'm only a little more emotional. Betty has an ear infection, and it's been REALLY hard seeing her in pain.

* What I miss - Sleeping through the night, and caffeine, by extension.

* Appointments - My next OB appointment is 9/9.

* Medical concerns - I'm trying not to worry about much, yet.  I don't know if IUGR will be an issue again, or not.

* Coming up - Betty will be 18 months on the 20th!  She's getting so big!


  1. Sounds like things are cruising right along! Thanks for sharing a picture of Betty! Cute little munchkin :)

  2. She's so adorable. :)

    You're so good to have given up caffeine. I just couldn't do it this second time around and I allow myself one cup of coffee per day. I know it's not more than the recommended amount, but I still feel guilty about it sometimes. :\

    And yes to maternity jeans all the time!