Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hello From Bed Rest

Baby girl only gained 10 ounces between growth scans, making her about 4 lbs, 6 ounces, and right about in the 2nd percentile.  Everything else in the BPP looked fine.

What this means:

* I've been put on bed rest, though not overly strict.  I can get up to go to appointments, shower, and eat, in addition to potty.  He mentioned that there's no real evidence that it will help her growth, but it certainly can't hurt.

* I will be induced no later than 38 weeks, which is in 15 days (HOLY CRAP).  If anything starts to look abnormal on the BPPs (Mondays) or NSTs (Thursdays), though, I'll be induced immediately.

* Because I didn't officially finish training my substitute at work, I will remain on payroll and available to be called and emailed through the end of next week.  I can't argue too much with being paid while laying in bed, even if it means that my phone is going to ring several times a day.  Honestly, I have a feeling that it would have anyway, even if they hadn't wanted to keep me on payroll.  This also allows me to not have to start my maternity leave right away, giving me the full 12 weeks after she's born.

* I am trying really super hard to relinquish control to other people.  I had so much still that I wanted/needed to get done.  I've always been the "it's just easier to do it myself, so I know it's going to be done right" kind of person.  Baby girl comes first, though.

* I am currently working my way through Monk on Netflix.  I'm thinking about starting Numb3rs or Supernatural next.  Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?  I also had digital cable installed last week, in anticipation for maternity leave.  So far it hasn't left HGTV, when it's on.

* The puppies are super happy to have me at home all day.  One is between my legs, and the other is between me and the laptop.

In other news:

* The shower and JPs office was really great.  They had it decorated really super adorably, had lots of great finger food, and gave us lots of wonderful, practical gifts.  I'll share some pictures really soon, as well as the rest of the pictures from our maternity/Christmas photo shoot.

* I have just a very few more things I want to get before she's born.  I ordered some via the web last night, using up some of the gift cards I've gotten.  At least I know I can still shop from bed!

* I found a $320 Medela double pump (one of the Pump In Style models, I'm pretty sure) on ebay, only used once, for $87 (including shipping).  I'm SUPER excited about that.  I'll have to get some new accessories for it, but for that price, how can I argue?  I just hope I'm not tempting fate about my ability to breastfeed.

* I'm kind of scared out of my mind.  Excited to meet this little life that has been living inside of me for 9 months, but frigging terrified about parenting, and about whether or not she'll be healthy.  I'm not as scared of the birth as I thought I would be, but there's still time to start to get really nervous about that, too.

* I'm sure that, as I have little else to do, I'll be posting quite a bit through the next 2 weeks.


  1. 15 days! Holy crap that is so soon! I would be so nervous. I really really pray that she is healthy. It seems like the biggest concern is that she is just small? Have the doctors expressed any other health concerns? I am so excited and nervous for you all at the same time! I have no doubt you will be a good parent. You will be the best Mommy!

  2. Wow, 15 days!! I'm glad you've had both showers already and that the bed rest isn't overly strict. Hope you are able to stay sane over the next two weeks!

  3. You sounds like your handling the bedrest restrictions really well. I relate to your feelings of fear around parenting and totally share them for myself! It is a big responsibility but you've got a great partner and I feel from reading your posts that you'll be a great mom! Sending lots of support for these next two weeks.

  4. I wish you all the best on bedrest...I was on for 3 weeks early in my pregnancy and I nearly pulled my hair out! Can't wait to hear all about how this little one comes into this world!

  5. Sending you and baby girl lots of good wishes. I can relate to being excited/nervous at the same time at the thought of meeting you LO. Enjoy your TV shows.

  6. I can't believe you're so close now! Wow!

    I hope you find lots of things to occupy yourself while on bed rest. :)

  7. Numb3rs is good, and I also really like Lost Girl. Whoa 15 days is soon. Eep! On breastfeeding: very nearly everyone can do it, and the first 6 weeks will be awful because you and baby girl are figuring things out, so wait until the end of that 6 weeks to make any determinations. Feed on demand (all the time... arg...) and ask for help from lactation consultants and La Leche League folks because you will need it, but the odds are you CAN do it. It helped me a lot just to see other moms nursing, and I bet kelly mom has videos if you can't find any local lactivist-types. #cheeringsection! I hope best rest goes smoothly! I had what became 4 weeks at the end of the kid's pregnancy and just about went nuts (and I got to leave to go to class once a day for a couple of hours).