Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Waiting Game

Well, my appointment with the adult endocrinologist has been completed, the blood was drawn, and the test results are back.  My CAH diagnosis was confirmed (which, I knew it would be), and I have been prescribed dex.ameth.asone.  I'm on a very small dose, .25 mg.  This should even out my hormone levels, and possibly make it possible for me to ovulate on my own, eventually.  We'll see.  I'm ready to dive back in to this thing already.  I may head straight back to the RE in July, and forget about trying on our own.

Friday evening we had a male teenage (if he's 18, he's not any older than that) customer play in one of our tournaments while his 2-month old daughter sat in her carrier at his feet.  The mother abandoned her, and he's raising her by himself.  I would assume he still lives with his parents, but really don't know.  I held her for a while.  Yeah, I'm a masochist, apparently.  Ouch.

Another of my friends confided her pregnancy to me over the weekend.  She's 22, and her ex-boyfriend hasn't spoken to her since the doctor confirmed the pregnancy, despite daily attempts to get him to do so, if for no other reason that his family medical history.  What an effing mess.  I cried most of the day.  Once I got over myself, I went to spend some time with her, because she needs a friend right now.  I'd be lying if I said I wasn't still a little depressed over the whole thing.

I guess now I just play the waiting game until the 12 month post-op mark.  In the meantime, I've been a little rebellions.  I've gotten 3 piercings and a new tattoo.  Whoopie.

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