Saturday, December 13, 2014

30 Weeks, and I Stink at This

I'm rubbish at blogging these days.  I hope that someday I look back and don't beat myself up for not chronicling like I wish I could.

This pregnancy has been "normal", compared to Betty's.  Not that anything is ever normal after you've struggled with infertility and then loss.  I had my anatomy scan, a follow-up anatomy scan, and those will be my last ultrasounds.  No weekly growth checks, no NSTs... it's surreal.

I've had some FANTASTIC news in the last couple of weeks.  My twin sister got her BFP!  Her first ultrasound is scheduled for next Friday, the 19th, and I get to go with!  I'm SO EXCITED!  She's due 7/23.

I'm technically 30 weeks and 2 days, but it's close enough for the stats.

* Belly - I look as pregnant as a feel, which is fairly significantly.

* Weight gain - I'm up about 16 lbs.

* Symptoms - I'm exhausted, achey, and sore ALL of the time.  Especially my hips and lower back.

* Cravings/Aversions -  Milk.  A cold glass of milk.  I haven't drank milk since I was a small child.  My body must know that Wil needs the calcium right now.

* Clothes - I can wear any of my normal tops that are fairly long.  I can still squeeze in to my elastic-waist work pants, but I prefer full-panel maternity pants.  So comfy.

* Movement - I've reached the stage where I can recognize his waking and sleeping patterns.  He's a strong little guy!  Occasionally his kicks are very uncomfortable, but I still love every one.

* Feelings on gender - We're having a boy!

* Meds - My hormone levels have been good, so the endocrinologist is keeping me on 40 mg hydrocortisone split up three times a day.  My A1C came back normal, and thus far my blood sugars have been normal.

* Mood - Fatigue makes a little quiet and occasionally grouchy.

* What I miss - Walking up and down stairs without pain.

* Appointments - My next OB appointment is 12/29.  I'm going to physical therapy for the first time this coming Wednesday, as the suggestion of my OB.  I'm really hoping it brings some relief.  My endocrinologist decided that my lab results have been consistently good enough that he doesn't need to see me again until after I deliver.  Such a change from the endo I had when I was pregnant with Betty.  I'm perfectly happy not having labs drawn every 3 weeks!

* Medical concerns - CAH and managing hormone levels.  I passed my 1-hour glucose test with flying colors!  Woohoo!

* Coming up - My sis is throwing me a shower in January.  I was a little hesitant to have one, given this is my 2nd child, but circumstances are so different.  I live in a different part of the state that I did with Betty, and I'm having a boy instead of another girl, so I DO actually need things.  It still feels a little weird.  I'm excited, though.

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  1. So glad to hear that things are going well! Wonderful news!