Thursday, January 3, 2013


I so wish I hadn't gone to this appointment by myself.  My baby girl has dropped to the 5th percentile.  She weighs an estimated 2 lbs, 10 oz.  My phone app trackers say she should be 3.3 lbs or 4 lbs, depending on which you believe.  I cried in the consult room.  The nurse hugged me and told me she was going to be just fine, that we were in good hands.  The plan is to go in twice weekly.  Ultrasounds on Mondays, NSTs (non-stress test) on Thursdays.

As far as I know, everything else still looks fine.  She's just small, and also not growing at the pace that she should be.  If they have and idea why, they aren't mentioning it.  They also aren't mentioning what it might mean after she's born.  I'm so tired of being so scared.  I should probably start asking more questions, but I find that really hard to remember to do when I'm sitting in there terrified.

My fasting blood sugars were still high (they want it under 95, and mine have been between 97 and 110), so they're putting me on some pill that I am to take with dinner.  I can't remember what it's called.  I was in a daze through most of that part of the conversation.  Who really gives a shit about slightly high blood sugars, at a time like that?

I'm hoping that the frequent appointments will help put my mind at ease.  I haven't yet let myself worry about what all this is going to do to the training that I'm supposed to be doing, starting next week at work.  Bleh.


  1. OH I'm so sorry...It has to be so scary for you....keeping you and your little girl in my thoughts and prayers...

  2. I am SO sorry. Keep a list of your questions in the Notes on your iPhone so you can whip them out at any time. Praying for you to experience the peace which surpasses all understanding.

  3. Oh so sorry to hear that. I think that I've heard that once intrauterine growth restricted babies are born, they tend to do fine (aside from being little). Danielle Elwood dot com's little girl was also not growing to pace and is now a busy older kid (maybe almost 2?). She probably has stuff about it in her archives.

  4. Hugs to you. I will be keeping you both in my prayers that everything is just fine.