Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Insert Random Self-Insult Here

Bullet points seem like a good idea, so here goes:

* In the process of quitting my job, due to no raise in 2 years, though travel costs rising, I was offered a better paying position, which I accepted.  Through June, however, I am responsible for both positions.  I am working 7-days a week, and about to bash my head in to a sharp wall.

*  I'm down 145 pounds, but they're coming off a lot slower.  It happens.

* I am one month and 7 days from being 12 months post-op, with hopefully the go ahead to actively start TTC again.  I am scared to death.

* I went ahead and went off the pill, because I decided that the sooner I know whether or not I will cycle on my own, the better.  I am not sure if is wise, but it makes me feel more in control.

* I started going to counseling a few weeks ago, as my anxiety levels have been through the roof.  While it was presented as ultimately my decision, they advised against meds, as I intend to start ttc before they would  determine the dose I need to be effective.  Bummer.

* After 2 months on dex.ametha.sone, my hormone levels have evened out, and are in the normal ranges.  My endocrinologist also sees no evidence of PCOS.  She thinks I should have no/little trouble conceiving, and wants me to give it 6 months before going back to the RE.  Holy %$^%.


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  2. Hi, first let me say I found your site from the ICLW list. I know I'm way early. I too had WLS. I'm 21-months post-op and have started TTC. Congrats on your weight loss success. I look forward to following your journey and it's great to finally find someone else battling the TTC journey after WLS.